Pahappahooey Island Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are there other episodes of Pahappahooey Island?

Pahappahooey has older episodes on VHS. (Mom, what’s VHS?) In a grand attempt at entering the 90s, we are in the process of repackaging them and offering them on DVD. Check back to our PRODUCTS page often for new product additions.

What is the appropriate age for Pahappahooey Island?

While Pahapphooey is appealing to children of all ages, children between the ages of 3 and 7 seem to like it the best. And, then all the adults who work in our building. We think it’s pretty great.

Is Pahappahooey Island on TV?

Pahappahooey Island airs on TBN on Saturday mornings at 630am EST. Too early for you? Record it on your DVR so your kids can watch again and again! (and again and again and again…)

Is Pahappahooey produced in other languages?

Not yet. But we are working on a Spanish version next. We will keep you posted, Amigo.

When will the next episodes be produced?

This coming year, 2010. We can’t wait, can you?!

Can you download videos of Pahappahooey?

Nope. Not yet…

Are music CDs or downloads available?

They will be VERY soon! Stay tuned for details.

How do we request permission to show in public or at our church at an event?


Who produced Pahappahooey Island?

We did. Click here to learn about us.

Does the production team actually live on Pahappahooey Island?

This is a tricky one. Several members of our creative team mentally live on some island…somewhere. But, Impact Productions is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which also happens to be on a very large island you may have heard of. It’s called North America. If you still can’t find it, just look for South America and it’s right above it.

Who is Joyce Meyer?

Click here to find out.

How can I contact the team with my comments?

All compliments need to go directly to Any criticisms or complaints should go to


Where can I buy Pahappahooey product?

Click here to find out.

What are your payment methods?

Payment methods vary depending on which merchant you use online. and take most payment types.

Can I make a return?

Returns and refund policies are unique to the merchants. Please see their policies before making a purchase.


What is the closest airport to Pahappahooey Island?

Helena, Montana

What are the hours of Guiseppe’s Café?

Mon-Fri 11am – 11pm, except weekdays
Open Saturdays & Sundays for lunch only
Closed most weekends and most holidays

Will the humidity on the island affect my hair?

Ali - bad hair day