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Pahappahooey Island's 'What About Me!?' on DVD

The newest release of the acclaimed Children's Series, featuring Joyce Meyer. "What About Me!?" follows Ali, Millard, Captain Hobbs, and Hacksaw as they set off on a special treasure hunt, but evil Ichabone Slink has made them think only of themselves. Can Miss Ruby (voiced by Joyce Meyer) help the friends learn the best ways to work together?

DVD Bonus
The same DVD also contains a full-length bonus episode, "Hide It in Your Heart."
Pahappahooey Island's 'Do It Afraid' on DVD

In "Do It Afraid," Ali and her furry friends set out on a mission to discover lost treasure and rescue Miss Ruby (voiced by Joyce Meyer). But along the way, they must face their fears - whether it's a crowd of clucking chickens, singing karaoke, or just being alone. In the end, Ali and her friends heed the advice of Miss Ruby and conquer their fears as they "Do It Afraid!"

DVD Bonus
The DVD features an additional episode, "Never Alone."
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